Tuesday, 16 May 2017 14:13

Dare to dream, dare to defy gravity….

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People have all kind of dreams, some practical ones and some not so practical ones. But what do you say when a young girl dreams of floating in space, not in outer space, but on this very planet, and makes her dream come true with the help of weights and balances.

You stand up and applaud! So it was no surprise when Kolkata Town Hall erupted in rapturous applause as that young girl, now a lady, French dancer Julie Nioche concluded her gravity-defying performance Nos Solitude (Our Solitude).

By Julie’s own admission, as a child, she was hyperactive and needed to do something with her energy so her mother put her into dance school. Dance was the part of her life where she was free. Julie had dreamt about this piece, that she was in the air by herself with strings attached to her in such a way that, when she moved, some object would move in space. She worked with scenographer Virginie Mira and asked a technician specialising in cinema special effects to create a machine. People wonder how the weights and counterweights work and it fires their imagination. Julie likes to leave the space and mystery for audiences to think about.