Lopamudra Talukdar

During the first 40 years of my life Photography was never a priority for me. In fact I was more comfortable posing in front of a camera than being behind it. I had done my Masters in Zoology from Calcutta University and then settled down in the ‘City of Joy’ as a home maker. However things changed in 2010 when my husband handed me over his camera gears which were gathering dust and I was asked to make best use of it. In retrospect, I think few things helped me at that point. From a very young age painting came naturally to me and with it, I think, a sense of composition. My father was into graphic designing and his library was filled with books on photography, art and designs. As a young girl they fascinated me and I realise played a part in my photography journey in the later years. It also helped that I am an avid traveller. There are always a dozen places on my bucket list and when I am not working on my photography, i would be planning a new trip. I do not know if I have developed a style of my own but I would like to describe myself as a travel and documentary photographer.